Before proceeding toward production at a factory which is located overseas, a sample should be made to authenticate the quality of the manufacturing. Before going further, all potential problems need to flush out and ensure the factory understands exactly what needs to be produced. This is how the process of sourcing materials works.

Sample, A Crucial Part:

A sample gives a good idea of the quality of the manufacturer’s work. It also allows the buyer to weed out low-quality manufacturers before investing significant time and money in them. If you find any factory that cannot produce a quality sample should immediately be dropped. A sample also ensures that the manufacturer knows and understands what the purchaser would like. To make sure sample is correctly made by the manufacturer, there are three things that need to be considered such as understanding, language, cultural and other differences. Because these factors may hide the fact the two sides have different ideas in mind. A sample leaves a lot less room for miscommunication.

How Sampling Phase can Save You:

The sampling phase often reveals unexpected problems that might not otherwise be marked until production has commenced. Even if the manufacturer is 100% sure about the purchaser needs, making a sample can bring out unexpected difficulties in the manufacturing process. In case, there are issues with the quality of the order, a sample sets a clear example the factory can be held to. It is therefore important to have a sample made as exactly to specs as possible before placing any order. Even if it is just a minor problem with or changes to the sample received; it is not prudent to simply ask for the issues to be fixed in production. Having another sample that will meet all specifications from the manufacturer, there is an increased chance of error, misunderstandings or other problems.

Though it is not always feasible to make a sample, and a sample is not a sure implication of the kind of work the manufacturer will do.


Keep An Eye On Manufacturer:

Mostly, manufacturers outsource their sample making to third parties sometimes. Therefore, it is advised to ask the whereabouts about the sample. Where will the sample be made? And take other steps to make sure the manufacturer knows the process.

Sometimes, the manufacturer cannot create accurate samples especially when it is plastic. Since plastic can be manufactured in large quantities and other processes. Having a correct example is not possible since it requires carving and another process as well.

Elaborate the Details and Materials to the Manufacturer :

Finally, since the exact same material that will be used in manufacturing cannot always be obtained in the small quantities, alternative materials may seldom need to be used when making the sample. It is therefore critical to specify the exact material that will be used in production.

While a good sample will guarantee an impeccable manufacturing sourcing process. And it is also a good way to avoid problems and set the standard for quality. Therefore, a sample should be made a priority before placing an order. To understand more about the manufacturing and sourcing materials, Tradove can help you. Our motive is to understand customer issues and help them so we can build a long- lasting relationship.


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