Business network has a world of positive advantages. However, with everything positive, come a few negatives at least. So let’s discuss some positive points in support of business networking in the beginning:

  1. The person being active in the accumulation of business contacts and letting himself be noticed. Many people complain that they are just not meeting enough of the right people to help in their career direction. The benefit of being actively involved in business networking, increasing chances of meeting those right people. Furthermore, if you are networking correctly by sharing referrals, introducing people and following up with those you meet, the rewards will be fulfilling.
  2. People skills especially 1 on 1 will slowly develop into expert status. This is a benefit not talked about a lot but through trial and error, building great relationships will seem effortless. Consider the fact that when people skills are adequate, you will see a remarkable increase in the positive results you get using all other communication, for example; telephone, e-mail, etc.
  3. After being consistent, you will notice your own center of influence expand. If you are engaged actively in the meeting, communicating, and usually helping many individuals, you will be liked as well as admired. When these type of things occur, your center of influence grows and you will become well-respected by default.
  4. Networking always gives you the opportunity to speak a lot about your profession. You will have the chance to educate many people about what you do when you meet them. This situation makes you be on your toes and more knowledgeable about your profession.


And now for the negative points of business networking:

  1. If you are an extreme example of a socially frustrated individual, getting out and networking could be very traumatic for you.
  2. You may find numerous events that may not be to your liking. This is a professional hazard of business networking in which you attend business networking events with high prospects but are disappointed by the outcome. As with anything, this is not a reason to give up but it does happen.
  3. People in your newly found network been as responsive as you would like. It is very true that many people talk a good game but in the heat of the moment, when you need them most, they can let you down.
  4. Networking is not for everybody. Yes, there are some individuals out there, as rare as they may be, where networking and building relationships with different people just isn’t their cup of tea. A small minority of people will find that no matter how hard they try, it just won’t deliver the desired results. This is sad but it is true.

So now you see the pros and cons on both ends. It depends on how you take it. You are the “one” who can rise business network to the top or flush it down the drain. Do you want to learn more tips about business networking? Visit our website by searching keyword business network and learn something which will help you become the best business networker.


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